Leaking Pipes

Each fixture and faucet have the potential to leak. A good amount of leaks are not serious, but if they do not get fixed they could cause your business quite a lot of money over time. From mold to water damage, a leaky pipe is something that should not be ignored. The leaky pipes could also be hard to find. Contact us at Fine Pipes Plumbing and we will find where your leaks are happening and repair them before they cause costly damage to your property.

Common Types of Leaks


Leaks in your faucet are relatively common, as they will see a lot of use even if your business has only a few people using the facilities. The faucets will get worn down and seals can get damaged. If the rubber washers get damaged, they no longer will provide a watertight seal, replacing the seals will be a worthwhile investment and is an inexpensive fix.


If the toilets in your business are accessible to the public, they will see a lot of use. Even if they are only accessible to a few employees, they will see a lot more use than a toilet in a home. Ensuring your toilets are in good working condition will save a lot of headaches and bigger repair costs down the road. If they leak for too long they could cause damage to the toilet itself and cause you a lot of money in water bills. The flapper or tank ball in the toilet is the most common cause of leaks and will cause the toilet tank to constantly drain.The flapper or tank ball could not be sealing properly from either damage or build up. Replacing either of these is a relatively easy process and can save a lot of headaches in the future.

Hidden Leaks

Sometimes you can hear the water running with no taps being on, or maybe a moldy or mildew smell coming from somewhere or maybe your water bill is abnormally high. If you notice any of these, they could be signs that you may have a leaky pipe somewhere. It is best to repair a leaky pipe early as they could get worse and cause flooding or major property damage. 

Here are some signs that you may have a leaky pipe:

  • Wet floors or walls
  • Sound of constantly running water
  • Sagging or stained ceilings
  • Mold or mildew is places that are not normally wet (like a shower)
  • A water bill that is abnormally high

Underground Leaks

There is a chance that the pipes underground may leak, especially if you have things like underground sprinklers. These are sometimes harder to detect and require a camera or other devices to determine the location of the leak. Repairing these leaks will require the ground to be dug up and depending on how deep the pipe is a digger may be required to repair the leaks in the worst case. Determining if you have a leaky pipe outside may be harder than inside. 

Here are some signs you may have a leaky pipe underground:

  • Patches of wet ground
  • Vegetation is growing faster in a particular spot
  • Abnormally high water bill

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