With services and solutions tailored to your needs, we’ve got you covered from emergencies and repairs to upgrades, installations, renovations and new builds.








Household plumbing issues can run the gamut from minor and easily fixed to major and costly. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. That’s where we come in. We diagnose the problem, give flexible options and then get busy repairing things so your life can return to normal. We even offer financing on bigger jobs. Your comfort is our priority, so we’ll treat your home respectfully and leave it as clean as it was when we arrived.

No one expects a plumbing emergency, but if it happens, just call 403-360-4236. Our team will take care of you as quickly as we can. We can also help you avoid plumbing disasters with preventative maintenance to detect and resolve issues before they become expensive, full-scale emergencies.


A slow-draining pipe is trying to tell you something, but in most cases, the real problem is hidden. It could originate beneath floors, behind walls and cabinets or sewer line. Our drain cleaning experts find the source and then offer solutions to resolve it quickly. Drain cleaning can be messy, so we prioritize sanitation and cleanliness so you have one less thing to worry about.

Rather than waiting for a drain to clog – or worse – why not prevent it from happening? Regular maintenance will remove build-up and odours and extend the lifespan of your pipes. If repairs are needed, we can create a preventative plan to avoid emergencies. From replacing pipes a bit at a time to complete sewer line repair, we can do it all with financing to help manage the cost.


Water is essential to health and well-being, so the cleaner it is, the better. While tap water is sanitized, it still contains chlorine, nitrates, bacteria and other toxins. It also picks up minerals and other pollutants as it travels through your pipes. Since your body absorbs these harmful contaminants in drinking water, installing a purification system that removes them can help ensure the cleanest water possible in your home.

To purify the water that flows out of your tap, we start with a customized testing process and then offer solutions to it’s healthy for drinking, cleaning and everyday use. From reverse osmosis to softeners/conditioners and whole-house carbon filters, we can help improve the taste and quality of your household water.


If you’re doing a new build or a big reno, we can help you streamline the process to save time and money. From curating fixtures to connecting you with subcontractors, we’ll create a blueprint for your entire project.


Whether taking a shower, washing dishes or doing laundry, choosing the right water heater can help ensure a plentiful hot water supply. We install a range of makes and models, from conventional tanks to on-demand systems. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that offers you optimal performance and efficiency over the long run.

There’s lots to consider when choosing a water heater, from the space it takes to the fuel it uses, not to mention your budget and household needs. We help make it easier. By asking you a few questions and listening to your answers, we guide you through a simple process to reveal the solution that will serve your needs now and into the future.


Our experts know what’s needed to provide your home with ultimate temperature control in every season. Whether you require an emergency repair in the cold winter months or the stifling heat of summer or are looking to upgrade/replace your furnace or air conditioner, we can help. We have a range of services, products, installation and flexible financing solutions to suit your needs.

Investing in heating and cooling systems is a big deal for homeowners. That’s why we’ll never upsell you on something you don’t need or can’t afford. Our primary concern is your long-term comfort and well-being. We can also help you protect your investment with regular maintenance visits to ensure everything runs as it should.


Plumbing and HVAC emergencies are stressful. We get it, which is why we’ve designed our emergency services to take care of you as quickly as possible. Our friendly experts are just a phone call away, with a fully-stocked mobile repair unit to deal with the issue promptly and efficiently. We’re standing by and ready to help, no matter how big or small the problem. And we’ll do it while treating your home and family with the highest level of respect.

Most of these disasters can be avoided with maintenance and inspections that uncover minor issues before they become expensive repairs. From faucets to furnaces and toilets to water heaters, our expert technicians will make scheduled maintenance visits to your home to ensure everything is in good condition. If not, our range of repair or replacement options will put your mind at ease.